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Welcome to the nanoengineering research group at Binghamton University

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We are an interdisciplinary research group in nanoengineering with expertise in mechanical, electrical, optical, and acoustical measurements, nanofabrication and characterization, dynamic system design, and modeling. Through fundamental innovations in bio-inspired engineering, nanomechanics, nanomanufacturing, and system-level integration, we are developing new paradigms of nanodevices, multi-scale nanoengineered materials, and precision sensing, control, and imaging tools. Our research addresses societal challenges in health, energy, information, and security.


2024/04/18: Dr. Zhou was named a 'Career Champion,' nominated by students for his impact on their personal and professional growth. 

2024/02/08: The collaborative work titled "Tiny Spies: Mosquito Antennae as Sensitive Sensors for Eavesdropping on Frog Calls" was awarded the 2023 Journal of Experimental Biology Outstanding Paper Prize.

2023/11/30: BingUNews spotlights our latest patent that has now been commercialized by the Canadian venture firm TandemLaunch and its spin-off company Soundskrit: "Thinner than hair, stronger than steel — and able to hear? How spider silk research led to a new kind of microphone". 

2023: Soundskrit, a company founded on our 2017 invention "the bio-inspired flow microphone", has launched the industry's first high-performance, directional MEMS microphone. Be proud to be part of this!


2023: Dr. Zhou provides comments for National Geographic.  

national geographic

2022: Our work "Outsourced hearing in an orb-weaving spider that uses its web as an auditory sensor" is featured by Scientific American, The Washington Post, Cornell News, Binghamton News, etc.

scientific american
the washington post
Cornell news
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